27 oktober 2023

Software & Socials with QWAN

Our team of Software Engineers consists of colleagues we are proud of! And we like to bring those colleagues together. Therefore, several times a year we organize 'Software & Socials', where our engineers come together for a chat with each other, fun and good food and a substantive session about their profession.

This week it was that time again! The content part was provided by QWAN, Quality Without A Name. QWAN is an initiative of pragmatic practitioners. They specialize in agile and lean software development. The title of their talk was SOLIDify your software.

Most of us are familiar with SOLID, the acronym for five software design principles, coined by Michael Feathers, made popular by Bob Martin. Or at least we've heard of it. But are we really aware of the implications of the principles? And are we aware of the trade-offs we need to make when applying these principles?

Software & Socials Eindhoven

Willem van den Ende and Rob Westgeest of QWAN answered these questions. However, they did not do this in a static presentation, but in an interactive session with the participants who also had to answer questions themselves via their phones. This made it an interesting evening where everyone had to keep their thoughts on the subject and where there was also a lot of laughter. Worth repeating!