10 februari 2022

Is sourcing at ENTER the ideal side job? Wouter Bentvelsen thinks so

Wouter (23) studied Mechanical Engineering and then went for a master's degree in the same field. "And next academic year I will start with a master Innovation Management", he says enthusiastically. But first he is going to travel for three months. And for that he needs to earn some money. Something he will be doing in the coming months at ENTER as a sourcer.

Wouter: "I look for candidates that fit the positions we have open at ENTER and then contact them to check their interest. If they are interested, one of the account managers takes over the contact." He is excited about his temporary job. "Contacting people is a lot of fun, but in addition, it's also very educational to see all the jobs and positions that ENTER has. And also I get to know the application process so well. This is really a valuable addition for myself, for later when I want to work."

A little something different
But first there's that trip he wants to take. "To South America. Although I haven't booked anything yet," he laughs. "I'm leaving everything open because of corona, because if South America isn't possible, Asia might be an option and otherwise I'll go through Europe in a camper van. I just want to do something completely different, now that a real student life has been out of the question for the past two years." Not that he has been bored, he quickly adds. "Fortunately, my student house was still very cozy and I really flew through my studies because of Corona and got the credits I needed wo acquire very quickly. That's why I now have the luxury of taking a six-month break."

Wouter Bentvelsen
Wouter Bentvelsen

Of that half year, Wouter works three months. "That's just a small time slot," he explains. "And that's why it wasn't so easy to find a full-time job for this period. I had been in contact with Daan, one of the account managers, and I called him to see if he might know something. And then he came up with this. So now I'm here at the office. With nice colleagues, doing work I can learn from, while earning money for my dream trip. That's win/win/win."