29 november 2022

TU/e students learn how to apply for a job from René, Patrick and Erica

As an employer of high-tech talent, we know better than anyone what a successful job application looks like. Knowledge we like to share with students, to help them get started with their careers. And that is why we gave an interactive Job Application Workshop to ladies fraternity Venilia at the TU/e in Eindhoven last week.

This fraternity consists entirely of ladies who study Mechanical Engineering at the TU in Eindhoven. At the invitation of members Lore Vertraete and Lotje Diepstraten, Patrick van Noort, René van de Pas and Erica Schepers travelled to the university grounds to take the women on a valuable training with various exercises.

Practical tips
The participants found the practical tips, real-life examples and experiencing the perspective of the other side of the table most interesting. Subjects covered included: a self-assessment, preparing a resume and cover letter and preparing your pitch during the job interview.

Curious about tips and tricks to prepare yourself properly? Then be sure to read René's blog.