17 december 2020

Successful Greenbelt training

After weeks of absorbing all the theory and putting it into practice together every Wednesday afternoon and evening, a number of our colleagues obtained their Greenbelt Certificate.

Congratulations to:

  • Annemarie Borgers
  • Elcke Trenches
  • Duncan Decoz
  • Walter of Fungi
  • Kay Roijmans
  • Nils Bottles
  • Akshar Mandyam
  • Pradeep Panditha

We are proud of you!

Participants Greenbelt training
Participants Greenbelt training

Social distancing

Kay (top left of the stairs): "The first step was learning about the thought process behind the Lean methodologies, its main goals, the relevant phases and how to make a Root Cause Analysis. Next, we moved on to Six Sigma and how to use the tools. We applied this knowledge to the projects or challenges introduced by other participants. The fact that we were able to do this together was gratifying. It was just lovely to see my colleagues. Because of all the working from home, you often miss the social aspect. It was also very good to work together and help each other get the best out of the training sessions."

This course took place and was completed before the lockdown on December 14.