27 juli 2021

Tech with a heartbeat – The movie

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Not only do we have a new website, we now also have a new corporate film: 'Tech with a heartbeat - The movie' has just premiered.

And how proud we are of it! It shows what technology means: progress and continuously finding ways to do things differently, to make products and processes better. Because that is what makes the heart of every technology organization and every tech professional beat faster.


Our own heart beats faster when we are the link between the personal motives of our colleagues and our clients. When we can think along with them and deliver customized solutions. By looking at what someone needs and wants to learn; professionally, but also personally.

"We believe in the potential of people to push technology further!"

Our professionals work on a project basis at our clients. We select and combine project and employee with full attention to experience, ambitions, personality and of course the passion for technology.