16 juni 2022

Techtalk Cybersecurity for our team of developers

At ENTER we invest a lot of time and attention in further developing the skills of our colleagues. We do this not only by offering them courses, but also by organizing knowledge sessions with experts.

This time it was the turn of ethical hacker David van der Sluis of Hacktive. He held a techtalk about cyber security for our development team in Delft, with the aim of making them even more aware of security risks in this area.

David came up with technical examples and also showed how easy hacking sometimes is. With the push of a button he created 25 wifi networks and clicking on them was enough to transfer information. He also gave examples of how people are hacked.

Of course he also had some golden tips:
- use a password manager;
- do not use public wifi;
- check e-mail senders carefully;
- be very careful with small hardware, such as USB sticks that do not belong to you.

These may seem like open doors, but time and again it turns out that these are the things that go wrong. And after all, forewarned is stil forearmed.