11 april 2023

Information about buying a house: ENTER offers that too

At ENTER we like a personal approach to all our relations. Whether they are our clients, candidates or colleagues. That is why we organize a lot, ranging from professional sessions to soft skill training and from a day at the Efteling to drinks on our roof terrace. This way we offer everyone the opportunity to get to know each other (better) and to develop themselves. We like to go the extra mile and respond to the needs of our colleagues.

For example, we also employ a relocation officer for our expats; someone who helps them find a suitable house. This usually involves a rental house, which is certainly very suitable housing in the beginning. But when people really want to settle here, the desire for a house to buy sometimes comes around the corner. However, buying a house is something you don't do every week and also a very exciting process. To help our colleagues with this, we recently organized an information evening on buying a house in the Netherlands.

Our relocation officer Felix van Eeten and Raymond Beerens, expat specialist and owner of and advisor at Geld & Woning Eindhoven Centrum, informed about 25 colleagues and their partners about buying a house and the existing possibilities. Of course, this evening was also open to colleagues who are not expats, but who are at the moment in their lives that they are thinking about their first home to buy. And they too took advantage of this opportunity.