04 juli 2023

Wim van Wanrooij: new general manager at ENTER

Meet Wim van Wanrooij (59), the new Managing Director of ENTER. With his passion for job mediation and his extensive experience in the field, as well as in other sectors, he has the task of making ENTER grow in the coming years. Wim: "Bringing people and companies together, that is what I have always enjoyed doing the most."

When Wim was in his mid-20s, he started as an intermediary at Randstad. Then he became regional manager at Yacht Technology and some time later again at Randstad, rising to become a board member at this company. "I know Roland Poesen, founder and owner of ENTER, from the very early days. We worked very well and pleasantly together then and always kept in touch afterwards."

In the meantime, after almost 3 decades in commercial employment, Wim followed his heart and joined a social organization. He became director of production at IBN, a social employer in Uden and the surrounding area. Wim: "IBN offers opportunities to people who cannot make it in the labor market without support and I thought it was time to use my knowledge and skills in the social domain for a while. I enjoyed doing it for almost six years."

Further growth
And now, after another foray as director of strategy at a construction company, Wim is back where it all began for him and in the sector he has been active in for 22 years: bringing people and companies together in the world of technology. Together with Roland Poesen. "I am convinced that the daily management is in good hands with Wim and that he will realize the further growth of our company," said Roland.

Wim has a wife, two daughters and a grandson. He is a true family man with a rich social life beyond that. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and cycling. Wim: "I am very much looking forward to my future at ENTER and meeting clients and our seconded colleagues."

Wim van Wanrooij