Ola Zawadzka

Ola Favoriet

Since when have you been working at ENTER?

I joined ENTER on 6 February 2023.

What do you do at ENTER? / What is your job position?

I work as a Talent Sourcer, which means I am responsible for finding the right candidates within high-tech domain. It is important for me to make the right match between the candidate and the position, that way I am sure to make someone happy with their job.

What motivates you to do this job?

I am currently still studying HRM, where I was given subjects such as talent development and recruitment. Personally, I don't find recruitment very interesting, but talent development is, because you help people discover and develop their talents and make them happy. Making people happy gives me a satisfied feeling. This is also the working method at ENTER, making people happy with their jobs by making the right match.

What are you proud of (in your work)?

I pride myself on my ability to plan well, sometimes I have a lot on my agenda, yet I always manage to finish everything neatly and on time. This way, I always keep my commitments.

What do you like most about working at ENTER?

The feeling of belonging has been there since the first day. All my colleagues are helpful and interested, and you can have a nice chat or joke now and then. At ENTER, I really have a team spirit, which is partly due to the daily lunch with the whole team and the Friday drinks, which allow you to get to know each other quickly.

Choose an existing quote (or come up with one yourself) that perfectly describes you.

“Nothing is impossible.”