Saïda den Heijer

Saïda favoriet

Since when have you been working at ENTER?

Since 26th September 2022.

What do you do at ENTER? / What is your job position?

I work as a Corporate Recruiter at the Delft office. I take the lead in looking for profiles that we can match in the software domain. In doing so, I look at the whole picture; both your hard skill and soft skills. Having conversations with various candidates also makes the work special and if we can't make the match now, then maybe in the future. Acting in that area and maintaining that warm relationship and connecting with candidates makes the work as a Corporate Recruiter interesting. I also manage the sourcers and like to think along with the personal development of our people in terms of coaching and organizing training courses.

What motivates you to do this job?

Connecting with people and the various in-depth conversations I have. What makes someone choose us? What is her or his intrinsic motivation? And then of course the role that I, as a Corporate Recruiter, get to have in that. Asking the right questions and having those conversations based on a personal approach gives me energy.

What are you proud of (work-related)?

Our people who ensure that we continue to move forward and the qualities that we deliver as an organization.

What do you like most about working at ENTER?

The openness of colleagues, drive and that we have fun together.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what three words would they be?

Driven, Energetic and Results-oriented.