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The central hub in the development of advanced systems

Increasingly, Mechatronics is the central hub in the development of advanced systems. Our professionals make an important contribution to our customers' Research & Development and Integration departments, often in a multidisciplinary setting. They work in High-tech Machine Construction, Transport and Handling Systems, Aerospace and Automotive.

Our professionals have BSc, MSc, PDEng or PhD degrees in Mechatronics Engineering, System & Controls, System & Dynamics and Physics. Their chosen specializations range from Design to System & Controls and Control Technology. The projects range from Mechatronics Design, simulations and verification, integrations, and testing in multidisciplinary environments.

Typical of our employees is that they are, apart from being highly skilled in their profession, also connecting, analytical, creative and pragmatic.

Our mechatronics vacancies

What makes your heart beat faster? Seizing every opportunity. A great career prospect is about more than just work. It's also about personal development and enjoying what you do. While contributing to pioneering technologies, but also by taking part in a pub quiz. We work with you to see what suits you best and what you need. For us, that is what 'tech with a heartbeat' means!

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