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Operating in the dynamic environment between R&D and Operations.

The ‘bridge builders’ of the Production Development unit operate in the dynamic environment between R&D and Operations. They play a pivotal role between different departments, disciplines and diverse stakeholders.

Our professionals have a technical or technical business administration background at BSc or MSc level. They are employed by manufacturing companies and in various industries, such as Machine Construction, Automotive, Semicon and Medical.

In addition to having broad technical knowledge, our professionals’ soft skills are at least as essential. Our employees can be characterized as enterprising, connecting, energetic and curious.


Philips Innovation Services

Nils came to Philips Innovation Services via ENTER. At Philips Innovation Services, he is involved in the automation of testers and machines and linking them to the coordinating product information system (Manufacturing Execution System). This automates many manual actions, resulting in more speed and a reduction of errors.

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Our production development vacancies

What makes your heart beat faster? Seizing every opportunity. A great career prospect is about more than just work. It's also about personal development and enjoying what you do. While contributing to pioneering technologies, but also by taking part in a pub quiz. We work with you to see what suits you best and what you need. For us, that is what 'tech with a heartbeat' means!

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