26 april 2022

BLOG: Sometimes things run a little differently. And that's fine!

In the picture below you see our living room, or at least, what used to be our living room... A few months ago I discovered a moisture spot on a wall. And a short time later another one. And then another one. And a little later on almost every wall on the first floor. At first we hoped to solve this with good and regular airing and a lick of paint, but our hopes were dashed when we discovered that our floor heating system was leaking.

By: Cune Peters

I saw a small disaster scenario before me. All the tiles out, the kitchen demolished, dehumidifiers that had to be on for days and us with our family out of the house for 8 weeks. A lot of arranging, slight stress and a rearranged agenda. Something we were really not waiting for...

Perhaps you recognize something of this. Even if you have never had a leak or a kitchen renovation, there must have been times in your life when something happened that you really did not want and which was a small disaster or at least a huge disappointment for you. Like with planning your career. You were ready for a next step, were approached by a recruiter, had a few nice conversations and you were ready for a contract offer for that great new job.

And then the recruiter calls.... And where she or he first had long, enthusiastic conversations with you, this time the message is short: someone else has been chosen. You feel it like a cold shower hitting you. Totally unexpectedly, you are suddenly no longer in the process for a job that seemed ideal for you!

woonkamer Cune
Small disaster

But soon you also feel something of... what is it? Relief? Yes, it looks like relief. And you realize that you were actually missing some tasks in the position after all. And, quite honestly, the company atmosphere did not quite suit you. Suddenly you have an idea of what your future should be and you can look for something that is your dream job.

'Blessing in disguise'
Just as I was able to look for new tiles and a new kitchen thanks to that leak in our house. That little disaster turned out to be a 'blessing in disguise'; our house has never been so beautiful and to our liking and now when I come home from work, I step inside completely happy!

I don't sell floors or kitchens, so I can't help you with that choice. But I do know a lot about looking for a new job and guiding you through it. So are you looking for a new step within the Software Technology domain? Then contact me and together we will make sure you will feel just as happy at your new job as I do in our 'new' house.

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you thought they would. And that's fine.