20 december 2021

Lennart Pruijssers and Ian Breedveld enthuse students

Last week, when the schools were still open and also college was still accessible to students, our colleagues Ian Breedveld and Lennart Pruijssers went to the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This was at the request of the Study Society for Technical Informatics Rotterdam (STIR), which offers a number of sessions each year in addition to the standard curriculum, either on technical matters or on personal skills. Now the desire was to gain more insight into the world of CI/CD.

With his Development/Test background, Lennart was the right person to give a presentation on the separate parts in this software development chain, complemented with a live demo of his current working environment. With this he gave those interested an insight into the tooling and theory. As an addition to this, Ian presented a business case to show what the added value can be for an organization to embrace this way of continuous development and 'deploying'.

At ENTER we're always happy to respond to requests to share our knowledge and thereby teach or enthuse others.

Lennart Pruijssers
Lennart Pruijssers speaking to some students