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Software engineering as a craft that requires knowledge, skill, and experience

Software has become more and more the differentiating factor for organizations. Be it is the ‘in-product’ software that enables advanced product-features or an e-commerce solution that uses real-time user data to enhance the end-user experience. The amount of software in products, but also the software that organizations are using to run their business, is growing at a fast and steady pace. To manage this complexity you need skilled software engineers. People that are able to develop robust, maintainable, scalable and extendable software systems. At ENTER we look upon software engineering as a craft that requires knowledge, skill, and experience.

Our engineer is a team player with an agile mindset, who works in a structured and organized manner. Besides, our employees are characterized by their communicative, quality-driven, flexible attitude and willingness to learn; they also have good time management skills.

In this competence, we focus on the following areas:

  • Embedded: with focus on development of low-level control software. This is often real-time, but always focusses on control of hardware devices (sensors, actuators).
  • Technical Applications: this includes development of high level (non-real-time) in-product software, scientific applications, and applications that are used for product development and/or during manufacturing.
  • Web applications: client/server based applications based on standard www technologies that are built using industry standard programming languages such as Java, JavaScript/Typescript, C#, Python, etc.
  • DevOps: construction and maintenance of automated CI/CD pipelines. This requires knowledge and experience with relevant tools, scripting languages as well as software development infrastructure.
  • Software Test & Integration: before a software system can be delivered it requires it’s components to be integrated and tested against its requirements. This team focusses on constructing software deliverables from its individual components, (automated) testing, development of test automation frameworks and product release.

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What makes your heart beat faster? Seizing every opportunity. A great career prospect is about more than just work. It's also about personal development and enjoying what you do. While contributing to pioneering technologies, but also by taking part in a pub quiz. We work with you to see what suits you best and what you need. For us, that is what 'tech with a heartbeat' means!

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