We believe in
the potential of people
to push technology

ENTER is the source of top-quality knowledge within the high tech industry who supports its customers to increase their competitive position. ENTER specialises in nine competencies that each has its own Business Unit. Do you have a passion for the world of high tech and do you want to develop yourself? So do we. Working at ENTER you can move from project to project at a wealth of innovative high tech companies.


Immediately when graduating with an MSc in Electrical Engineering (specializing in Neurotechnology and Biomechatronics) my vision was clear: I wanted to work in healthcare. This would allow me to truly contribute to people’s lives and their quality of life. However, I did not know what role would suit my strengths and ambitions. During my interview with ENTER they really listened to me and my ideas. When ENTER suggested a role as Test Engineer at Philips Healthcare I immediately felt: this project is a great fit! Within two years, I grew from Junior to Senior Test Engineer.  ENTER’s ISTQB training (both Foundation Level and Test Analyst) has certainly helped in reaching this goal.

ENTER’s network in the high tech industry has been of great value. It offered me the chance to visit a colleague for a day to learn more about her project. During the year ENTER organizes many events which are always informal and fun to attend. There it is really easy to speak with colleagues and to learn about their work and insights. This always shows me how much more there is left to discover.

Anja - “The freedom to voice my visions”